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English Coaching Program (new users)

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TUM Sprachenzentrum - TUM Language Center


We are interested to hear your feedback on the Coaching Program. If you have no experience to share for a particular question, please leave it blank.

2.English language needs

The English Coaching Program supports academic staff from doctoral candidates to professors with their English language needs. This might include any of the following items: Please rate each item according to its importance for you:

3.Online coaching

During the Covid19 pandemic, all coaching was conducted online. Online coaching continues to be offered as a default option. Please indicate for the areas listed below what your preference is regarding online coaching support:

4.English Coaching Program offers

If you answered yes, please send an email request to Karl Hughes at: hughes@zv.tum.de

5.Availability & Access

If you are not registered, please do so at: https://tumenglishcoaching.simplybook.it/v2/

6.Skills Support

7.Your Evaluation